About Peptide we have developed

The building blocks of the human body are cells, and the substances that regulate cells are hundreds and thousands of proteins in our body.


We have been researching various types of proteins in the human body and have been studying the structure and activity of peptides (short chains of between two and fifty amino acids linked by peptide bonds) that mimic the functions of proteins through the structural and functional studies of proteins for the past 20 years.


The protein we are researching and producing and the more than 600 different types of peptides developed to date have functions as substances acting on cells of various tissues of the human body, and are highly stabilized through many years of R & D and process technology development.
We have built mass production technology in high purity and have the world class peptide manufacturing capability.


In addition, we developed double layered capsulation that allows the peptide to easily penetrate into the skin and peptide sustained release technology that can shows a lasting effect in a stable form for a certain period of time. We have commercialized various products with maximized efficacy by combining these skin delivery technologies.